5 Great Quality Plastic Plant Trays Of 2020

Plastic Plant Trays

Do you love indoor gardening? Undoubtedly, gardening is an inexpensive, therapeutic, and stylish way to bring nature to your space. It allows you to grow a variety of plants and vegetables if you use the right plant trays. Plastic plant trays are considered the best when it comes to protecting plants from soaking in rotting. The lightweight, leak-resistant, and durable tray avoids floor strains and provides convenience. We have listed the top 5 great quality plastic plant trays that can ease up your work.

Great Quality Plastic Plant Trays
Great Quality Plastic Plant Trays

Plastic Plant Trays Of 2020

Terra Plastic Pot Planter

It adds a unique touch to your garden as it got inspired by clay planter. The durable polypropylene material offers reliable use and long-lasting functionality. The planter is lightweight, tough compared to ceramic or clay planters.

It offers drainage holes to protect overwatering. Since it got made using high-quality UV additives, it offers excellent durability. The matte finish offers resistance to dirt, fingerprints, and scratches. It’s available in various colors and sizes that can enhance your indoor look.

Buy this FDA approved plastic plant tray for your indoor garden.

UPMCT Plant Saucer

This versatile and stylish tray suits your gardening project. The high-quality PP material offers characteristics like unbreakable, anti-drop, strong toughness, and withstand heavy flowers. It can collect extra drainage or soil spills from houseplants. Thus, keeps your garden tidy and clean all the time.

With a simple and beautiful appearance, it mixes well with various potted plants. Get this plant tray and prevent your furniture carpet from getting dirty.

UltraOutlet Plastic Plant Saucer

It’s suitable for small flower plants. It catches water from a plant tray drainage hole. It is the safest saucer as it got made using recyclable and BPA-free material. With crystal clear plastic, you can see the water level through the flower pot saucer. In addition to this, you can decorate it with colorful pebbles. What’s the best thing about it? You can use the tray as desktop trash as well.

Large Plastic Plant Tray

Large Plastic Plant Trays
Large Plastic Plant Trays

If you wish to grow bulky and heavy plants in your indoor garden, go with this tray. The heavy-duty tray made using PP plastic. Thus, offers long-lasting service, durability, and strength. The sturdy saucer enables plants to move easily.

It offers optimal plant drainage that catches water from the pot drainage hole. After you place the pot over the tray, the remaining space can be filled with decorative rocks.

Plastic Square Plant Tray

This square-shaped plant tray will catch your eyes at first glance. It’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor applications. The small protrusion pieces keep the plant moist during dry climate.


Whether you wish to grow plants indoors or outdoor, plant trays are a must. Place it underneath your houseplant pot to create a humid microclimate. It helps in evaporating water, thus keeps humidity around plants. If you wish to propagate your seedling fast, try using these five best quality plastic plant trays. It is the easiest way to add vibrancy to your space.  

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