7 Indoor Plant Shelf That Is Also Easy To Maintain

Indoor Plant Shelf

Even those who don’t like to do more décor things in their house can also appreciate the houseplants. If you are also a person who likes very few things to décor the home, this indoor plant shelf idea is for you! Low-maintenance ideas are ranging from small trees to tiny succulents, something for any level of wish. However, this outdoorsy addition is the best method to increase gardening skill, color to your home and boost your mood too. Besides, some people also use houseplants as an air purifier. Well, this given list focuses on easy maintenance and attractive aesthetics only. So, enjoy the post!

Silver Dollar Plant

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If you like succulents, drought-tolerant plants, the Xerosicyos Danguyi are fanciful. But to keep this plant, you need to get a good drainage container such as bamboo and ceramic planters. Additionally, it is a climbing succulent, so be ready to leave a tiny headroom wherever you like to place them! But if you get the best suggestion, then place with direct sunlight.

Chinese Money Plant

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Chinese money plant’s other name is Pilea Peperomiodes. It has a unique look with straight stems and round coin-like leaves. Chinese plant looks very fabulous in small pots such as the one pictured. Moreover, it grows fast within 8 to 10 days, but also its growth depends on your home temperature. Also, it will easily thrive in a bright area but don’t need direct sunlight.

Jade Plant

Crassula Ovate is commonly known as a jade plant. It is a really amazing succulent because of the unique look that makes it best to trim. By taking care of the jade plant, you may enjoy the pink flower blossoms! However, they may bloom with a yellowish or red tint with more sunlight, but they need some water in less winter or even in summer.


False shamrock or oxalis triangular is known for its vibrant and bold coloration that can be available from crimson to the violet range. Meanwhile, Oxalis looks really beautiful in a simple pot. It needs hours of sunlight, so they look good in the sunny garden!

String Of Pearls

A string of pearls is a unique type of houseplant! Your guests will definitely comment on the beauty of this plant as it has round beads tendrils. This one is best for draping or hanging over a pedestal and trying to reach away from direct sunlight. Also, plant this in loose soil and don’t overwater for good results.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Another houseplant is the heartleaf philodendron, and it is beloved because of its real hardness. However, you can also add trellis or hanging and enjoy its potential. But remember that, avoid direct sunlight and keep the soil a little moistened. Once it becomes bulky, you can gift it to your friends.

Areca Palm

Areca palm, another name is Dypsis Lutescens or golden cane. It makes an amazing focal point with playful fronds and height. Areca palm plants enjoy partial sunlight and plant it with loamy soil. However, this plant won’t hurt pets like dogs or cats.


Well, these all are the budget-friendly and low maintenance plant list that make you refreshed. Also, you can gift plants to your friends when it becomes bulky. So choose one from this wide range and décor you’re home!

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