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plastic plant pot saucers

Plastic plant pots are one of the best ways to grow and showcase your favorite plants. Most of the time, people use pot saucers, which are used mainly for display. But you can also use the saucers for transplanting your potted plants from one container to another. You do not need to have a separate container for each plant; instead, you can move them around in their own pot.

This is one of the most popular ways to keep your potted plants healthy. They will look neat nestled into a corner of the cupboard next to their container counterparts. And if you have a few of them, it is even more appealing to have them in that same spot. It can be really easy to get carried away when decorating your home with potted plants. You will want to try out some of the ideas that we have listed below:

Plastic Plant Pot Saucers

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There are many things that go into choosing the best plant saucer to suit your needs. It starts with what size and shape you need and continues with how your pots will hold water, sunlight, and moisture. It is good to find a plant saucer that is able to store enough water to last for several weeks. You can find small plastic ones that are useful for single potted plants or big ones that are useful for multiple potted plants.

These plastic plant pots are often referred to as hotpots. They are much thinner than traditional ceramic or terracotta plant pots. Many people think that the tite version is simply a scaled-down version of the original. They are usually only an inch thick, although some versions are as thin as half an inch. Because of the thinner design, they are easier to transport and cheaper to buy.

Akro Mils Plant Pots

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The Akro Mils plant pots that are made from plastic are really ideal for keeping potted plants that don’t need to be moved around that often. They are also ideal if you have a small patio or a deck close to your home. Some people use them to keep fruit trees that they can easily move indoors when they need to. If you decide to get an akro mils plant pot, it is important to look for one that is sturdy, waterproof, and has a tight lid. This type of plastic plant pot saucer is available in both round and rectangular shapes.


For the best plant pots, it is a good idea to buy them at the store where you will be using them the most. If you have many different kinds of plants, it can be much cheaper to stock up on some plant pots instead of constantly buying new ones as you go along. They also come in a variety of colors, so if you want to match your house or other decors, it is a good idea to pick up several of each color. Most plastic plant pots can easily hold three to five potted plants depending on the size.

Most plastic plant pots also come with matching drainage systems. It can be difficult to manage the growth of plants and vegetables in a small container if you do not have a way to ensure proper drainage. Akro’s Solid Color, Pied Black, Red Grapefruit, and Baby Grandma are just some of the plants that can be easily accommodated by this kind of saucer. Since you are getting a durable and solid color saucer, you know that the potted plants will stay firmly in place.

Bottom Line

You can also get Akro’s Heavy Duty and Pied Red or Pied Black plant saucers in six-packs. Some of them can be used for vegetables, and some of them can be used for fruits and other edible plants. The heavy-duty ones are stronger and more durable than their standard counterparts. However, they are also pricier than the standard ones. The Heavy Duty plant saucer from Akro can easily support up to thirty-five pounds. With its durability and ease of handling, you definitely do not need to compromise on quality with the price.

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