All About Decorative Plastic Plant Pots- Advantages And Uses

decorative plastic plant pots

The increase in pollution, especially indoor pollution, has threatened many lives. According to various surveys, there is a sudden increase in indoor pollution, even more than outdoor pollution. Due to indoor pollution, many problems have developed like asthma, suffocation, cough, etc. So it becomes really important today, to grow more and more indoor plants. Moreover, today having indoor plants in decorative plastic plant pots has become a trend.

Many people keep them in their halls and galleries to make the interior look more attractive. However, it is according to the preferences of gardeners about the choice of ceramic or plastic pots. It is mostly recommended to use biodegradable plastic pots as they are strong, lightweight, and flexible. Such pots can be easily disposed of after they are no longer in use. Though sometimes sunlight becomes hard on plastic leading to its fading and brittleness, plastic pots are good for indoor plants. Plastic pots are considered to be safe for plants as they are made up of inert materials. Moreover, they are available in the markets in different colors and patterns.

Amazing DIY Ideas To Make Decorative Plastic Plant Pots

Graffiti on a brick building


A vase with flowers in front of a window

You can paint a plastic flower pot, and this will make it look more attractive and different. As plants usually have a green texture, so rich brown color always looks lovely with them.

You can make red and white stripes in any direction on it with color. Or make black and white zebra lines.

Also, spots like polka dots, leopard spots, etc., make the pots look attractive.

Decorate the background of the flower pots place like painting it white with flower designs or an abstract painting

Use Ropes

Rope, twisted around the pots, gives them a retro look. And fixed on with hot glue.

You can use a twine also instead of the rope. It can be patterned in different shapes and designs and paste with the help of a glue gun or glue.

Ropes can also be painted, giving a new design and texture to the pot.

Using Shells

Shells are very commonly used for decorative plastic plant pots. For this, first, paint the pot, then fix the shells of contrasting color on them. You can also paint the shells.

Advantages of Using Decorative Plastic Plant Pots


Decorative plastic plant pots are cheaper than the traditional pot.

Weighs Less

Plastic pots have less weight than traditional pots. Thus they are easy to move and thus can be easily transported from one place to another.


The plastic plant pots are more durable as they are rustproof.


Many designs of decorative plastic plant pots are available in the market. They look more beautiful than the traditional ceramic pots.


The craze of decorating our interiors is increasing day by day. Almost everyone keeps some or more flowering plants in their home. Decorative plastic plant pots are preferred over traditional ceramic pots as they are easy to handle and are lightweight.

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