Beautiful House Plants with Minimum Care

beautiful house plants

Although having indoor plants is a great addition to any home, not all of them are attractive or come with easy care. If you’re one of those people who struggle to keep houseplants alive, then this is the right choice for you. Consider getting one of these beautiful choices that are easy to keep alive.

1. Chinese Money Indoor Plants

A plant in front of a cake

This plant has a distinctive appearance with straight stems and coin-like leaves. It looks great in a short pot and is also extremely hardy. Usually, it requires watering once a week and will grow well in bright spaces. Bear in mind, though, that this is one of these indoor plants that don’t require direct sunlight. It’s a great decorating idea for your home decor. You will love it!

2. Silver Dollar Plant

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If you can’t remember to water your plants, then this is the best choice for you. this is a type of succulent so make sure that you put it in a container that has good drainage. This is also a climbing type of succulent so give it adequate room to grow.

3. Jade: one of the most unique indoor plants

This type of plant is also a type of succulent but it has a unique and attractive bush-like structure. It can be trimmed like a bonsai if desired and will grow pink blossoms periodically. With too much sunlight, it can turn slightly red but requires very little care and will grow well without much fuss.

4. Oxalis

Also known as a false shamrock, this is a houseplant that is known for its bold colors that can range from crimson to violet. You can purchase bulbs and they will sprout within about a week. You’ll also enjoy lavender flowers within a few months. These plants do require sunlight so they’re a great choice for a windowsill. They’ll grow well without much care though.

5. ZZ Plant

This is a tall plant and its bold green color makes a great impression in any room. They’re incredibly easy to care for and prefer a small amount of plant food periodically as well as indirect light.

6. String of Pearls

This plant is unique in appearance but a favorite with many people. This plant works well in a hanging basket where the delicate tendrils overflow the planter displaying round beads. It can also be placed on a pedestal and prefers to be out of direct sunlight.

7. Tillandsia

This is a plant that requires no direct watering, just the occasional misting. They’re unique in that they take water from humidity in the air. They also don’t have a root system so they can be used in unique arrangements and often work well in hanging pots.

8. Donkey Tail Plant

This flowering succulent is a great choice for unique plants and its name suggests its appearance well. The plants are non-fussy although they will not do well in extreme heat. Overall, they prefer to not be overwatered and enjoy direct light when possible.

Choose any from these beautiful house plants.

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