Benefits Of Having Cheap Plastic Plant Pots

cheap plastic plant pots

The apartment lifestyle has changed so many things in our daily routine. The courtyard has been replaced with small outdoor areas given with apartments. The lack of open space didn’t kill the charm of gardening. People who love to see greenery around their houses have found the corners to make their home look green. Many have converted their balcony into a small garden, and to make this tedious task, cheap plastic pots come like a savior.

No one is interested in investing in those heavy pots that cannot be slightly moved here and there. Most of the old fashioned pots spend all their lives in one place only. The color of these traditional cemented pots vanish in just a few days. People looking for easy, light, and attractive pots to pursue their passion for gardening can pick plastic pots.

Benefits Of Having Cheap Plastic Plant Pots

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There are two types of plant pots available in the market; Clay pot and Plastic plant pots. Both kinds of pots have pros and cons, but now people are more interested in buying plastic pots. Let’s dig out the reasons behind the immense popularity of plastic plant pots;

Light Weight

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Plastic plant pots are lightweight. You can carry them from here to there without asking for more hands to help. While dusting and cleaning, you can slightly change the place of these pots easily. Whereas clay plant pots are made from clay, and they are easily breakable.


When you buy anything for your home, you cannot ignore its cost. The shopping mall culture has made us so practical that we now love to compare the cost of two similar kinds of things and pick the cheaper one. In the case of cheap plastic plant pots the same rule applies. In comparing a clay pot, these pots are cheap; hence people love to buy them.


The life of plastic plant pots is longer than the clay ones. Plastic pots are more durable. A light push to the plastic pot will not result in any breakage. Clay plant pots are very fragile in this term. These pots get broken easily. Any product’s long life is an important factor that makes the customer’s mind to buy it or not. So, plastic pots are getting more popularity due to this fact as well.

Durable Design

As we all know, the apartment does not have any extra space to do gardening. We are to set up a garden within the available space only. The plastic plant pots are designed according to the apartments. The plastic pots come in different sizes and shapes. You can hang them on the balcony on the railing, or you can put them on a stand. To have a small kitchen garden, you can use rectangle-shaped plots.

Easy Maintenance

It’s super easy to clean the plastic plant pots. The vibrant and dark-colored pots don’t need daily cleaning, and their dark color hides any stain. The plastic plant pots do not have any deposits; hence it is preferred one.

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