Benefits Of Using A Garden Supply Company

garden supply company

Some individuals are actually born with an innate talent for nature in their bloodstream or natural green genes. Over two decades ago Keith Ramsey began a landscape and garden design company in Cary, NC. From the very beginning, the company then called Green Valley Landscape and Design transformed from a three man operation to what it is now. The original location was on one building along Hillsborough Street. There was only one building and it was the only shop in all of Cary. This business has expanded into six acres of land with a large garden center, nursery, and a greenhouse. This growth has been made possible through innovation and hard work. The company also prides itself on being certified by the North Carolina Greenhouse Association for being a Green Belt Certified Company.

Top Notch Services

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With a six acres of land and only one building, Green Valley Landscaping and Design has been able to offer a larger selection of products. The plants are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Their landscaping services include planting trees, shrubs, flowers, landscape edging, pool fencing, driveway entrance landscaping, garden boxes, and walkway landscaping. In addition to these services, they offer many types of plants including fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs, and grass. They also carry a complete line of gardening supplies for those who would like to have everything from seeds, soil, fertilizer, mulch, and pesticides, all at one convenient location.


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There are many gardening stores that are available throughout the city of Cary. This is where the Garden Supply Company comes in. This company is located on forty acres of land with one building for business. It is divided into two sections; one section has been zoned as a community recreation center with a basketball and tennis court. The other building is solely for garden supply and garden landscape design.

Vast Selection

The Garden Supply Company offers its customers all kinds of garden tools, supplies, and gardening equipment. They carry everything you could possibly need to beautify your garden and landscaping. They also have mail order, catalogs, and a large selection of greenhouses, planters, pots, and landscaping lights. In addition, they have a large variety of decorative statues and fountains. If you are worried about pests invading your garden, the garden supply company has an extensive selection of chemicals to rid your garden of bugs and insects. You can also buy beautiful landscaping stone, or garden sculpture, to adorn your garden.

Super Quality

Another great feature of the Garden Supply Company is their garden planters. You can choose from many different styles, including terracotta and ceramic. You can choose between short stemmed trees, flowering plants, and vegetables. The planters are made of a variety of materials including wood, steel, and concrete. You can purchase beautiful ceramic garden pots, or other types of beautiful pots that will blend well with your garden’s design.

Great Products

Many people prefer to take care of their gardens by themselves. This is possible at the Garden Supply Company, as they offer a large selection of everything you could possibly need for your garden. If you decide to take care of your garden yourself, they provide books on gardening and also provide a large amount of gardening articles, and tips. In addition, you can purchase gardening gloves, and other tools for your garden. In addition, if you get tired of one type of gardening tool, you can simply buy another to diversify your garden’s look.

Wrapping Up

The garden supply company’s website has a lot of helpful information about gardening. They offer many recipes, and a list of everything they sell. You can also find out where to buy great gardening equipment. You can also view photos of the various products that they have, to see how it looks when it is all put together. These websites are great for individuals, families, and companies who are interested in taking excellent care of their gardens.

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