Clear Plastic Plant Pots Orchid Compost – Where To Find The Best Pots For Your Plants

clear plastic plant pots

Clear plastic plant pots can really be a quick and simple way to bring color to your flower garden. Orchids are among the flowers that respond well to pots that reflect the sunlight and thus can grow more easily. However, orchids are not the only plants that do well in these clear plastic pots. You will find that pots made of clear plastic are ideal for just about any kind of container you might need to keep your succulents, herbs and other plants. The best part is that these pots can really help to enhance the beauty of your home as well.

Consider Having

A vase of flowers on a plant

In order to get the most from your orchid plant roots, you should have a good quality pot with an inner liner made from a sturdy material that is also clear. If you choose pots without an inner liner, it is more likely that your orchids will dry out, which can cause them to wilt. When you select a clear pot, you can also be sure that there is no space for soil to collect, which can actually encourage the growth of bacteria and other biological contaminants. With a pot without an inner liner, the plant roots will have nowhere to attach to, so they will eventually die. These kinds of pots are also more difficult to clean.

You can find the most elegant looking pots at a local nursery or a big box store such as Walmart, Target or K-Mart. They will be filled with beautiful containers that will look great inside of your home. There are many styles available to suit your decor. You can get elegant, modern designs or simple ones that will still provide adequate support for your orchids.

Match The Type Of Plant Roots

A big part of selecting a pot for your orchids is to match the type of plant roots with the type of pot you get. A pot with an inner liner will keep the roots warm during the colder months, which will help the plants stay healthy all year long. On the other hand, a plastic pot without an inner liner will not allow the root system to stay warm, which can result in the roots bending out.

Using A Pot With A Built-in Liner

A lot of people think that using a pot with a built-in liner is okay for their orchids because it will make it easier to control the humidity level and temperature of the container. However, it’s important to realize that there is a limit to the amount of control that you can have. Since the roots are the ones that will absorb water, it’s a good idea to use a pot that has a larger opening to allow more water to pass through to the roots. The smaller openings in smaller pots will not allow as much air to circulate around the roots. This will make it harder for your orchids to get the nutrients they need from the compost. Also, if the compost smells bad, your orchids may not like it very much.

Summing Up

You can always purchase additional potting mix at a nursery if you are not satisfied with the ones you already have. However, you may want to invest in a few extra pots orchids if you are growing exotic orchids. Exotic orchids will not take well to living in regular garden soil. The soil may turn their leaves yellow and their roots will become soggy. Potted orchids will survive just fine in regular garden soil, but it is better to protect them from the elements.

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