DIY Indoor Gardening Shelves That You Can Make

indoor gardening shelves

Indoor gardening is the best way to make your home look great and it also adds a natural feeling to your home. You can do indoor gardening in many ways but you need some shelves in all of those ways. There is a way that you can make the shelves yourself and this will reduce your expenditure and also give you a place where you can showcase your creativity. These are some indoor gardening shelves ideas that you can use and these indoor gardening shelves will make it look better. You will love the feeling that these give and your plants will look even better when they will be placed on these shelves.

Simple Shelves

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These are the simple shelves that you can make easily without putting in too much effort. You can complete these in the least time possible which is great. These are perfect for all the small places and you can easily make them at home. You can use it for the small and medium sized pots and you can place them parallely above each other which is great. The best part is that the whole project is very cheap and you do not need too many products. You can easily make these simple shelves and make your pots look very organized and make your home look very beautiful. For this, you only need some boards and paints which are available easily in the market. You have to carve the shelves and also nail them in the right manner.

Hanging Plant Shelf

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This is what you can use to place plant shelves near the window. You need some pieces of wood and rope to make these easy hanging shelves. And also you will need some simple tools that must be lying around your house. The shelves are easy to make and you can also use the images to see how you can make the shelves in an easy manner. All these shelves look amazing and you can place this anywhere on the wall and it will make that place look very pretty. You can place some small pots on this so that it does not fall down and it looks simple and nice on the wall.

Copper Plant Stands

This one might need a little more skill and some more investment but the results will come splendid and you will love them. These are the shelves that will be durable and you can place them outside as well as inside. This is not complicated at all and you only need a few basic skills to make this amazing stand. You can also paint it in the color that compliments the color of the falls of your home and these will make it look great.


These are the indoor gardening shelves that you can use in your home and make the pots look great. All these shelves are easy to make and you can find tutorials online and you can also ask your family members for help. You can organize your pots in a simple and pretty manner with the help of these shelves.

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