DIY Plant Pots For Seizing Human Attention

diy plant pots

Do you love that DIY plant pots will become the central attraction of your house?

Or among those who want to try something new in DIY plant pots?

Plant pot ideas are affordable, easy to DIY, and fun from tedious colored terracotta pots in recycling and reusing various household items that are convertible into a plant container. Today, terracotta pots are the most famous and easy way of starting for the entire world of flowering and planting pots. A clay pot or plastic pot allows framing a perfect base for all the DIY plant pots.

Here are some exquisite ideas to DIY plant pots and make your house look wonderful!

List Of DIY Plant Pots

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1. Striped Terracotta pots

A vase of flowers on a table next to a window

This DIY is a super chic and simple formula, and it doesn’t require any artistic trait to carry it on! You can use painter’s tape and rubber bands to frame perfect straight lines that get stuck to a normal color palette for matching a Coordinating look, and simultaneously it looks great in your house.

2. Dotted Terracotta Pot: DIY Plant Pots

Add this DIY plant pots pattern in your home garden to make the available space worthy. You can achieve this by updating your terracotta pot by coloring the pot using acrylic paint and also by adding dots using a fixed black marker, which will be easily available at your home.

3. Small Flower Gardening Pots

These charming tiny mini planters are the prominent ones in DIY plant pots. Fixed markers and decorative tapes will help you in the race of creativity.

4. Stone Tiles Gardening Planter: DIY Plant Pots

It is often more expensive to purchase large marble or granite planters for your house, still, you can go easy on creating your stone planter by using five square stone tiles. This tile is useful for walkways and to caulk the edges together to frame your DIY stone pots.

5. Marble planter

This DIY planter marble looks expensive yet affordable. A marble planter uses marble contact paper for covering the exterior to enhance the beauty and give your pots a fresh look.

6. Recycled pot For Herbs: DIY Plant Pots

Using recycled herbs for DIY plant pots is a most followed pattern to get started with your gardening herbs and use these herbs in cooking. You can recycle your food containers by cleaning them and similarly paint them with the help of spray paint to switch the exterior color and also add a chalkboard mark on the front side to keep the record of the herb which is growing inside.

7. Neon Pot: DIY Plant Pots

Add a bunch of colors in a spacious area having bright neon pot, which will prove out to be an outstanding work in DIY plant pots. You can make this pot in a few minutes by coloring half part of your pot.

Conclusion On DIY Plant Pots

These DIY plant pots will enhance your artistic traits and give a brand new twist to your home DIY plants. Thus, Applying these fabulous ideas can fascinate all your neighbors, friends, relatives, and guests!

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