Eucalyptus Plant Indoors And Outdoors

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Eucalyptus oil has been used for many years as an essential oil that can help relieve tension and muscle aches. It can also be used for aromatherapy. The oil can be harvested and used in candle form. The aroma from this natural oil is very pungent and people often use it to freshen the stale air in their home.

Tree Can Be Deceptively Strong

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Although the scent of this tree can be deceptively strong, it is very easy to grow and maintain. You can place your indoor garden near a window facing the direction of a fire or outdoors on a sunny day. The best time to harvest your eucalyptus is during midsummer. However, if you live in a place with extreme temperatures (or where the weather is too cold for flowering) you should move your plants inside when the weather becomes extreme.

The tree is a perennial that starts out looking like a shrub. As it matures it gets larger and darker, becoming a dense woody branch with deep green leaves. The branches of the tree have needle-like leaflets that are toothed and contain numerous oil glands. These oil glands release a pleasant aroma that is both refreshing and scented. The tree prefers a cool climate, which is why it grows best in tropical and subtropical climates.

Eucalyptus Tree Produces Aromatic Resin

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Like most conifers, the eucalyptus tree produces aromatic resin as soon as the berries begin to open. This resin is harvested by extracting the oil from the leaves and stems. The resin is then mixed with carrier oils, such as lavender oil. Other oils, such as sandalwood oil, are also used to preserve the eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil can be diluted with water and applied to the skin for external application, or the oil can be mixed with carrier oils and applied topically.

Although there are more than 30 species of eucalyptus trees, only two of them produce the primary ingredients for eucalyptus oil – eucalyptol and eucalyptus sulfate. The two chemicals combine to create the powerful fragrance that can easily refresh and invigorate your home. Eucalyptus flowers have a distinctive blue and white appearance, which are due to the presence of tannin. This chemical is what gives the flowers their characteristic flavor.

Non Toxic In Nature

One of the reasons why eucalyptus oil makes for such a great addition to an indoor garden is that it doesn’t become toxic when used regularly. This means that you can use the eucalyptus in any area where there are people or pets. When used on the skin, however, the oil does cause a slight stinging effect and so it’s important to experiment a bit before using it extensively. For minor skin irritations, eucalyptus can be diluted with an aloe vera gel and then applied to the skin to soothe the area.


The eucalyptus plant is a versatile, easy to grow plant that is useful in so many ways. People love its aroma, but it also has other healing benefits as well. Whether it’s used as an essential oil, added to an herbal mixture, or used to make tea, the eucalyptus can be enjoyed and is easily obtained. As long as you live in a warm climate, you can enjoy the pleasures of this aromatic berry.

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