Fabric Plant Pots That Can Make The Gardening Indoor Better

fabric plant pots

Fabric pots have been used since the 80s and have proven benefits for plants as they stimulate plant growth and strengthen the roots. Fabric pots are trendy when you think of gardening potted plants and vegetables. They have been adopted by millions of gardeners across the globe because of their light-weight and reusable nature. They promote massive root growth that in turn creates healthy plants and extraordinary vegetable yields. They are popular for a long time because of the advantages that they offer. Let us take a look into a few advantages of fabric plant pots and why they should be used for gardening-

Fabric Plant Pots – Air Pruning

Fabric containers send out the root growth to the bottom of the pot unlike other plastic pots where the roots begin to circle around as soon they reach the edge. Eventually this process leads to death of the plant as the roots are unable to absorb fresh air to maintain the survival of the plant. Fabric pots eliminate root circling as the fabric material allows air to flow in and out of the pot. With the sufficient supply of air and water, the plant flourishes and generates larger yields.

Prevent Overwatering

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Overwatering is the prime reason responsible for early plant death and is even more dangerous for potted plants as they grow in limited space. Plastic and clay pots are prone to over watering as the water settles down to the base of these pots that results in root rotting, fungus, and a host of nasty pests. Fabric pots have a permeable structure that makes it almost impossible to overwater as the water flows down and eventually drains out, preventing pooling of standing water. The fabric eliminates water not only from the bottom but also from the sides, making it best suitable for potted plants.

Fabric Plant Pots – Oxygenation and Prevention of Heat Stress

Plants need carbon dioxide to survive but oxygen is also essential for the roots to stay in form. The roots absorb oxygen from the environment. Unlike the clay and plastic pots where the oxygenation occurs only at the surface, fabric pots allow throughout oxygenation from all sides of the pot. Roots are vulnerable and acute heat stress diminishes the yield of the crop. The moisture-wicking fabric pots are resistant to heat build-up and provide a cooling effect to the roots, that positively affects the plant and help them to prosper. Thermoregulation is a major requirement for the plant and fabric pots encompass all the benefits that are necessary for the plant’s growth.


When you are focused on gardening, you have to make sure the essentials you purchase to start your gardening must be helpful. A good example for such an option is the fabric plant pots, which will be of use to gardening ideas for a long time. These plant pots are available online at a low price, which means it comes under the budget as well. Thus, you must get rid of the cheap plastic and clay pots and do a one-time investment in the fabric pots for a better home gardening experience.

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