How to Choose the Right Outdoor Plant Pots

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Outdoor gardening plants are different from indoor varieties. They need constant sunlight and fresh air to thrive. Furthermore, you also need the right kind of pots and equipment to ensure that they do not get spoiled being left out in the open. Outdoor gardening plants can be in planted in small or large pots or vases depending upon the size and area. The greenery and colorful flowers of outdoor plants can add a soothing look to your outdoors which are very pleasant to see every time you or your guests come inside. These are a natural way to decorate your entrances.

A large number of vases or pots are available in the market. Some are really huge for big planters and some are small pots in square, rectangle and stoic shapes. Large pots look good as standalone pieces whereas smaller ones look good in a cluster. The main things one has to consider while buying outdoor pots and plants are mentioned below:

Factors to Consider While Buying Outdoor Gardening Planters

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Type of Plant

One has to pick the plant variety keeping in mind the limited amount of soil in a pot. Also the weather preference of the plant is an important factor. If the plant requires a lot of sun on daily basis, then one has to place it somewhere where sufficient sunlight falls. If the plant is an indoor type of plant and if your outdoor entrance is shaded or covered, then one can choose a money plant or a bamboo plant. Some plants require a lot of soil underneath and sufficient place to spread their roots. Such pants will not be suitable for outdoor planting.

Weight and Size

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It is better to pick a pot or planter which is sufficiently light in weight as you may have to keep changing the place or in times of monsoon, the outdoor plants need to be covered or placed indoors. If they are too heavy, then you might need a  lot of effort and labour to do so.


Some pots and planters leak and for that you should have proper arrangement of drainage, else the leaking muddy water could spoil your entrance or foyer area. So one chose either arrange for a separate drain pipe or a hollow bowl beneath the planters and pots in which the leaked water can accumulate.

Weatherproof planters

The pots and planters would be kept in the scorching heat and rainy showers 24×7. Hence, it is necessary to select a weather proof and sturdy material of the outside pots and planters which will not succumb to changing weather conditions.

Cost Effective

Lastly, one should go for those varieties of plants which last longer and require less maintenance. Outdoor planting is a segment on which one cannot spend a lot of money and time. It should solve its purpose of decorating the house or the office from the outside without having to take too much care of the plant. 

Direction of Sunlight

If your plant needs direct sunlight, ensure to keep it under direct sunlight region of your garden. But there are some plants that thrive in shady but open atmosphere. So pick your outdoor gardening plants accordingly. 

Considering all these important points in mind, one should invest in pretty outdoor planters which ooze of grace, beauty and tranquility. 

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