How To Grow Jasmine Indoor Plants

jasmine indoor plant

With warm summers and cool winters, Jasmine indoor plants have proved to be a great hit among home owners. Most species can survive both harsh seasons and are suitable for any kind of climate. This makes them an ideal choice of plants for all kinds of gardens. In this article we will discuss the jasmine indoor plant, what it needs and how you can provide it with everything it requires to grow.

Climate Required For Plants

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The jasmine plants are very easy to take care of. They can tolerate some frost conditions and are fine with growing conditions which are sunny but not too hot. As long as the climate is right, the jasmine blooms in full glory. The most fragrant flowers are also well taken care of and fed regularly with the correct amount of fertilizer. Scroll down below to learn the secret secrets to make your jasmine indoor plants thrive!

If you choose the right jasmine plant, then you will have a well-draining soil with good drainage. As long as you keep your soil moist, it should be able to accept the fertilizer and moisture that it needs from your plant. There are many types of jasmine plants, but one of the most popular is the Wild violet. You should however remember that these varieties need a lot of dedicated upkeep and that the price increases with quantity. If you do not have that much money to spend, the common ones like the African violet and the Red Penny can be good choices as well.

Get Jasmine Plants Gardening Magazines

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If you are looking for cuttings for your indoor growing jasmine plants, you can easily get them from gardening magazines or from online shops. You can also buy cuttings from your local nursery and grow them from seed. Make sure though that you have placed the cuttings in a well-drained and soil-friendly pot before you plant them. Remember that the best cuttings are those made from hybrid blooms or seeds.

It is recommended that you grow the most popular varieties like the African violet, Red Penny and the Wild violet. All of these varieties have their own distinctive qualities which make them excellent growing jasmine flowers. To ensure that you get the most fragrant flowers possible, plant them in pots that have shallow sides and wider bottom. These pots allow more root space for the roots to spread out. If you plan to pot your jasmine flower plants, you should know that they love being submerged in water.

Provide Them With Daily Light And Water

To take care of your jasmine flower plants, you need to provide them with daily light and give them enough water. If you want your plant to bloom in the fullest manner, you should put fertilizer into the soil at least once a month. In addition to fertilizer, you should rotate your plants so that new and old blooms receive equal amount of sunlight. To prolong the life of your jasmine flower plants, you should avoid transplanting them during their growing season. Instead, you should wait until it is about to bloom and then transfer them.

Last Words

One of the best things about growing jasmine flowers indoors is that you do not have to travel far to find them. You just have to go to your favorite nursery, or the garden center, and purchase a jasmine plant that you can place in your home. However, there are few things that you should consider when you want to purchase a plant. One thing you should consider is the size of your indoor plant. You should choose a jasmine flower plant that is manageable and can grow as long as you want it to. Also, you have to consider the color of your indoor plant as well, especially if you want to contrast it with the color of the plant that you have outside.

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