How You Create Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening

year-round indoor salad gardening

Fall is the best time to grow salad green because this time, the weather is cooler and spinach and lettuce or other salad green grow quickly without becoming bitter. You can grow salad green into water and soil both. Indoor salad gardening is the best idea for those who don’t have a garden in their home. Many people don’t have a garden, or they are not able to grow salad green all season. Here, we will discuss what you need and how you can grow year-round indoor salad gardening easily. But before talking about how you can grow salad green, you need to know what you can grow in an indoor garden. So without wasting time, let’s start.

What Salad Green You Can Grow

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Many people have a question about which type of plant they can grow in an indoor garden. The answer is simple; you should grow the plant your heart desires. Make sure you choose an indoor plant to keep in mind salad gardening. Many people use broccoli, peas, sunflower, buckwheat, and radish in a salad, so you can grow these plants as well. You can grow some salad leaves as well that you like.

What You Need For Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening

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To create year-round indoor salad gardening, you need some seeds appropriate for sprouts like radish, basil, chickpea, Chinese cabbage, French lentil, and so on, along with them a waterproof storage jar or box to keep them dry until you use them.

You need a Spoon and cup for the measure, a small strainer, small glass or plastic containers to soak small batches of seed overnight. Newspaper for folded, covers, and cut to fit on top of the jar, or you can use a paper towel. A place to keep supplies boxes and tubes, need small sharp scissors to harvest sprouts.

How To Grow Indoor Salad Green

For growing year-round indoor salad gardening, you need to soak a small number of seeds overnight in the cup of water. Now take soil and pre-moisten it in a plastic or glass bag. To start, add a pinch of kelp and dried compost in every seed tray or jar.

After that, cut or fold the paper to wrap every seed container soaks it in the water when you plant all your seeds. Now drain the seed and spread it on the top of the surface of the soil. Place soak paper on the seed top and touch them. You need to note the date of planting and place the tray in a dark and warm place.

To grow year-round indoor salad gardening, you should Sprinkle a little bit of water every day for four days. Five days you need to remove paper and place tray on a windowsill to grow and green-up. You need to sprinkle water when needed. Cut sprouts when they grow above the soil and harvest it every 3 to 4 days. Wash, drain, and make a salad for you.

Above you have read everything about year-round indoor salad gardening, but you need to plant seeds in a few new trays every day. You can plant new seeds and add a unique taste to a salad. Refine the ways of growing plants if your seeds are slower or faster.

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