Indoor Apartment Vegetable Gardening- Bloom Your Garden With Gusto

indoor apartment vegetable gardening

Almost all of us have small indoor plants in our houses, and we keep them to add a positive vibe of greenery to the space. But did you know that now you can indulge in vegetable gardening as well? If you are bored in the post-pandemic era, then this can be a great hobby, to begin with. Now you must be worried that you do not have a naturally green thumb. But you do not have to worry anymore! Today, we will help you get all the strategies for indoor apartment vegetable gardening and be successful at it. These ideas will make things more productive for you, and you do not have to regret the small spaces in your apartment. 

Container Planting

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Container planting is one of the most favorable options if you want to grow vegetables inside your apartment. You have to get hold of various shapes of containers to plant vegetables like broccoli, root vegetables, lettuce, and salad leaves. Please do your research regarding how you should take care of each one of the plants and put them in specific containers. The optimum thing about container planting is that you can carry your vegetables even if you are moving from one place to another. In the case of containers, you can go for various options as mentioned below. 

  • Wooden Planters- you can construct your wooden planter by using tree scraps.
  • Plastic planters are readily available in the market, and you can find them at low prices. 
  • Ceramic planters- the amazing to look at, but you can be extra careful knowing that they do not break easily. 
  • Tin containers- if you do not want to spend much, you can use tin cans and biscuit containers to grow indoors and outdoors. 

Root Veggies In Grass

If you are going for root vegetables, you can easily carry out the procedure in a glass jar. The best thing is to start by planting inside mason jars, and you will see spring onions and radish in full bloom. It is better to keep them in the dark, and they need very little light, so you do not have to keep them in broad daylight for the entire day. Even if you cannot manage natural daylight, artificial lighting systems will suffice. 

Exotic Things Like Strawberries And Mushrooms

Technically, exotic stuff like mushrooms and strawberries are not veggies, but still, you can plant them inside an apartment. Strawberries can survive well inside containers, and you can even keep the inside hanging baskets. In some varieties, you do not even need the sun! Try the Alpine, and you will know. Mushrooms, on the other hand, grow in damp spaces, and that is all you need. Mushrooms like to thrive in cool and dark spaces and do not need much maintenance as well. 


Space is never an issue if you want to try your hand at gardening. Just follow the techniques well, and you will be good to go. If needed, you can also take the help of a friend or family member who is good in this area. 

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