Indoor Courtyard Garden – Living In Style

Indoor Courtyard Garden - Living In Style

An indoor courtyard garden is a wonderful way to have an outdoor space that looks as though it was inside your home. People often find their garden in the city or suburb and then buy an apartment where they live. They put in plants but the rest of the space looks like the garden is in the city.

An interior courtyard garden can be in the city or in a country location. These can be a unique look. People who live in the city want a yard with a garden so they have a separate area outside to themselves. You can put some of your favorite plants here and sit in your serene garden.

Imagine having a beautiful pond on your old cottage. You could set up a fountain. You could take an old wood bench, you had sat on it, and have the benches in the garden. It can be a wonderful atmosphere.

Indoor Courtyard Garden - Living In Style
Indoor Courtyard Garden – Living In Style

If you live in a city and you have that huge country house with a giant gazebo on the back, then an indoor gazebo would be a great indoor spot for a couple. Or if you are into music you could put in a few pieces of old equipment that is used in music recording studios. You could put in a four-track recording studio.

Indoor Courtyard Garden

These days there is a new kind of gardener, the urban gardener. The new gardener is always interested in plants and environmental awareness. He has his garden in the city or even in the country.

Thus, he is interested in a variety of plants and the outdoors. He wants to create an outdoor garden that looks as though it was in his home. So if you are the same person you would go to an indoor courtyard garden instead of the real thing.

An indoor courtyard garden will work in a kitchen. If you are using that space to have a separate living area, you would want to use the space for more than just dining. You would want to use it for kitchen cooking and baking. Your balcony area could work for entertaining as well. You could use the balcony to put in your patio.

Indoor Courtyard Garden - Living In Style
Indoor Courtyard Garden – Living In Style

If you use your balcony as a common area, you will want to put it in a bar. There are a lot of things that you can put in there. You can have a sofa area and you can set up chairs and a small table. Then put in a comfortable chair.

Other Features

If you want to use the balcony for your nanny to sleep on you could set up a crib. This would work out well for all concerned. You would have the children over to sleep and the nanny would have somewhere to sleep. She would have plenty of rooms to lay the baby.

If you don’t have a child, you could set up a playroom for the kids. You can have pool tables and a Jacuzzi or hot tub. An indoor space that is more than just an extra room for guests is very popular today. Many people use it as an extra room for work or for family time.

These are great indoor spaces. You will have the feel of a living room while you are working in the other part of the house. An indoor courtyard garden can add a little spice to your home.

You can also use the area for a formal dining room. You could set up a place for your dishes and wine glasses. So, you could have a kitchen island. You can use this area for your own comfort or for your own pleasure.

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