Indoor Gardening: Make Potting Soil On Your Own -

Indoor Gardening: Make Potting Soil On Your Own

Make Potting Soil At Your Own For Indoor Gardening

Potting soil is an essential thing for indoor gardening. When you are planning to nurture some plants indoors, you need to be cautious about the soil. If you visit the market, you would see that there are different types of potting soils available. Needless to say, all of those components are very much costly. The price of the products might not fit your pocket. So, it is better to make it at your home! We aren’t joking! Potting soil making is not a hard task. In this article, we will be providing you with some suggestions to make potting soil.

Make Potting Soil At Your Own For Indoor Gardening
Indoor Gardening: Make Potting Soil On Your Own

What Do You Want From Your Potting Soil?

When you are all set to prepare your soil, you need to set some goals. It is all about the texture of the soil. Make sure that the soil is light enough. Besides that, you need to make it fluffy as well. When you are making the soil on your own, have a close look at the longevity of it. It is not possible to make the soil every month. It is okay if you need to change the soil twice a year. Lastly, the most essential thing that you need to consider. When you are making your potting soil, make sure that it is able to retain water in it. When it would be able to do so, it would add nutrients to your plants.

Recipe To Make

Now comes the method for making potting soil. Aside from numerous ingredients, you would need some utensils as well. We are mentioning them below.


When it comes to the parts to make the potting soil, the list is quite small. You would need a peat moss, compost, and vermiculite. Besides that, do not forget to add 1 cup of worm casting to it as well. But the utensils list is quite large. You would need one piece of the following items:

  • Mixing container of large size
  • Trowel
  • Measuring Cup
  • Sieve Container For Presoaking Peat
  • Water Jug
Make Potting Soil At Your Own For Indoor Gardening
Indoor Gardening: Make Potting Soil On Your Own

Process To Make Potting Soil

The method of making potting soil can be long. But, every step is very much comfortable. You need to dedicate some time to it. For the first step, you need to presoak the peat moss. Make sure that you are soaking it in warm water. When the soaking is done, you need to mix it with vermiculite. After that, you can add compost to the mixture. You need to use the sieve for this purpose. After this step is done, you need to grab a pH meter for checking the acidity. Make sure that the acidity remains within 6.0 to 7.0. When the acidity is perfect, your soil is ready to be put in the pot. Before you put the soil into the pot, ensure that it is moist enough. When you are done with moisturizing it, you can even store the excessive amount aside for later use.

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