Indoor Plant Hanging- Essential Tips on Hanging Plants At Home

Indoor Plant Hanging

Indoor plant hanging could be one of the most creative ways of giving your home a new lease of life, while at the same time, utilizing those empty spaces and containers. There are very many ways for displaying plants indoors. One way is to go for ladder stands, which have been known to save you great amounts of space around the home. The best way to use them is by sticking them in those narrow spaces or simply by placing them on top of a console table. Either way, they can make any room or space in the house to look stunning. In this case, since most hanging plants do not always go well with such containers, it would be very imperative to choose the style that best suits you just fine.  

The following are some of the best and well known indoor hanging plants for your home.

Arrow Headed Plants

Indoor Plant Hanging Tips
Indoor Plant Hanging- Essential Tips on Hanging Plants At Home

These vine-like leafed plants normally begin growing by having leaves shaped like an arrow, which later assumes a finger-like appearance.  Nonetheless, with time, they will develop into very long vines. In case you want to make them ideal for hanging in the basket, then it is best not to trim them by letting them grow longer. The best thing about these plants is that they come in a wide range of colors to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences like pink, burgundy, and green. Arrowheads best thrive mostly in humid conditions thus, very ideal for humid places in the house like the bathroom or kitchen.

Air Plants

They are one of the most preferred hanging plants in most homes due to their relatively low maintenance costs. One notable aspect is that they do not need soil to grow. That is why you will find them in glasses known as terrariums filled with sweet-smelling trinkets for that matter. Plants need light to survive hence, it is best to hang air plants in specific areas in the house that has plenty of sunlight and circulation of air.

Boston Fern

 Just like the Arrowhead, this indoor hanging plant does well in humid conditions, especially on the higher side but can also do well in areas with low amounts of humidity. The fronds, which are usually feathery like, are a sight to behold when on display inside the hanging baskets in the house. These hanging plants also popularly known to purify the air around us, hence, most ideal for hanging in the bedroom or living room.

The Bird’s Nest Fern

They commonly found in the wild and very invasive for that matter. Since they need high amounts of sunlight, the size and shape of their leaves will solely depend on the quantity of light they receive from the sun. Therefore, for them to thrive, they need to receive moderate amounts of sunlight as too much of it renders the leaves crunched up, while too little leads to yellowing. And they best kept in humid spaces since they grow well in such conditions. 

Indoor Plant Hanging Things
Indoor Plant Hanging- Essential Tips on Hanging Plants At Home


When looking for indoor hanging plants, it is best to choose the ones that you love. Those capable of breathing fresh life into those empty spaces while keeping it refreshing and invigorating.

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