Indoor Plant Stands for Multiple Plants

indoor plant stands for multiple plants

If you want to provide a great looking, attractive display for your plants and are handy with tools, then an indoor plant stand may be just what you need. Not only can they provide a great look for the plants, but they are also functional and safe. Think about it – how many times have you wanted to move a plant from one location in the house to another, only to find it damaged or destroyed? Or worse yet, have you accidentally purchased an indoor plant stand that did not fit into your decor at all? Now you know you do not have to worry about any of those problems!

Makes The Decoration Easier

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Indoor plant stands make decorating your home easier and more attractive, while offering you many new options for displaying your plants and flowers. Indoor plant displays come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. They are made from a wide selection of materials including wood, glass, or plastic. There are even decorative stands available to use as an outside addition to your home.

Most indoor plants stands for multiple uses have at least two sections: the bottom portion that is used to hold the plant, and the top portion that can be used to display other items. You can choose to purchase a stand with the base already attached at the bottom, allowing you to simply use it as an outdoor plant stand, or you may choose to add the stand separately and build the bottom portion around the base. If you decide to build the stand separately, remember that it will likely take more craftsmanship and be more durable than an indoor plant stand that is pre-assembled. For the most part, however, both types of stands can withstand humidity and temperature variation in your interior space. The most important thing is to keep them out of direct sunlight, as well as extreme heat or cold.

Pedestal Plant Stand

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A pedestal plant stand is generally best suited for use indoors, where the majority of use will occur. Pedestal stands can be purchased as small as a tabletop unit, or large enough to fit on a table or desk. The smaller tabletop units offer smaller display areas but allow you to place your smaller indoor plants on display at eye level. The larger pedestal units allow you to display several plants at once, while still providing a secondary display for smaller items. Because of their larger size, pedestal stands are great for larger, lush plants, such as azaleas or African violets, as well as smaller plants, including most houseplants and potted plants.

Built In Planter

If you have smaller indoor plants, such as herbs or small trees, choosing a stand with a built in planter would be the most convenient solution for you. Some planters include built in planter boxes for supporting small pots and planting containers, as well as slots for screws and other hardware. These types of planters can either be bought in ready-made sections or can be built on your own. Some planters even come with matching wooden or metal shelves on which to neatly store your planters after they have been displayed on the stand. With some plansetters, you may even be able to purchase a matching lamp for illuminating your planters during the night.

Last Words

Other important considerations include your personal taste and what types of plants you intend to grow. Also, consider any budgetary restrictions you may have. For mid-century modern, metal indoor plant stands for multiple plants can provide a sophisticated but bold focal point that fits into any interior space. However, if you prefer traditional, more classic styles, a pedestal planter stand may be the best choice. The type of style you choose should reflect your decor, as well as the overall design theme of your interior space.

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