Interesting Facts About Grow Light Indoor Gardening

Grow Light Indoor Gardening

With the help of grow lights, one can grow many plants inside the house. The technology is awesome as it helps to grow the plants continuously for 24 hours exposing them to grow lights. Grow lights are an emerging trend among farmers and have many advantages. One can grow houseplants, orchids, and even fruits and vegetables. If you don’t have space outside your house, then this method is for you.

The Perfect Color

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Sunlight contains all the colors including the colors in the rainbow and indoor plants grow perfectly under indoor spectrum bulbs. These bulbs produce a cool and warm light that can be used instead of sunlight and it gives the exact effect of direct sunlight. It is highly advisable to use this method of cultivation if you have restrictions outside. The grow light technology ensures yield as same as the outdoor method.

The Right Intensity

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The intensity of light that a plant gets depends mainly on two things. The first one is the brightness of the bulb and then the nearness of the plant to the light source. It is better for grow light plants to be close to the light as it enables them to receive more energy from the lights and grow. Again the need for light depends on the type of plant also. Some plants require more light compared to others.

Give The Right Duration

It is important to give the plants that are cultivated using grow light technology a rest. It is at the dark time that plants respire and you should plan your cultivation accordingly. The setting of buds and fruit, the growth, etc happens during the dark time it is important to find a match between the dark and light timings. Like human beings need rest for proper growth, plants also need rest for better productivity.

Which One To Choose – LED Or Fluorescent?

Both LED and fluorescent produces full-spectrum light that is essential for the growth of the plants. LED lights are more preferred than fluorescent lights as they are better for the environment. The light from the LED is cool and gives the right brightness for the pants. LED is also affordable compared to fluorescent and others. Always go with a LED if you can get one and this would make your gardening easy.

Will Grow Light Plants Give Results As Outdoor Plants?

The answer is ‘yes’. Grow light plants will give the same results as an ordinary outdoor plant. Giving artificial lights by no means reduces the capacity of the plant to produce fruit and at the same time has many advantages. This type of cultivation can also be used as a decoration for your house and it is sure to attract visitors.


Grow light indoor gardening is a very useful and effective method of gardening. The method can be used in case of a shortage of space outside or for decoration purposes. It is great to see this type of cultivation inside a house.

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