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aerogarden harvest

Aerogarden Harvest is Aerogarden’s most popular product to grow plants, herbs, and flowers without soil. It is the best investment in your home. Who doesn’t like the fresh basil or mint leaves in their food? With this thing you can grow lots of fresh herbs and vegetables with just water and yes some patience. It’s hydroponic and self-watering countertop system lets it grow plants with only water. It comes at a very affordable price and it is available on Amazon.

About Aerogarden Harvest

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Grow around 6 kinds of herbs, flowers, veggies, all year long no matter what weather is outside. You don’t even require su, soil or green thumb, your plant will be grown up with just water. The shape of the Aerogarden Harvest is compact and it has 3 control button panels. You can fit this in any room in your house. You must be thinking that without sunlight how any plant can grow? Aerogarden Harvest has grown light goods which contain 20 watts of white, red and blue LED lights, which provides your plants the full spectrum of sunlight. They grow 5X faster than outside gardens.


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  1. Easy Setup: You just have to collect all the recipes which you want to try with this amazing product as harvest sets up in minutes. 
  2. Lighting: You don’t have to worry about switching on and off the light as it has an automatic timer which makes sure that your lights go on and off at the perfect time.
  3. Control Buttons: These backlit simple buttons are for your reminder of when to add water so that little baby plants never have a problem.
  4. Process: Choose the seed of your preference, drop it onto a pod, fill the bowl with water and some plant food, plug it in and everything is settled.


Here are the benefits of this miracle product:

  • Grow your favourite plants without worrying about the weather.
  • It has a compact design and touch sensored buttons with an automatic timer.
  • You can grow bigger plants and bountiful harvest with LED light systems.
  • Save your time and avoid the hassle and grow 5X faster plants than soil.
  • You will get fresh herbs and vegetables in any season at your home.

Why Should You Need This?

If you are a garden lover and you love fresh vegetables, flowers and herbs to grow, then you definitely need this product. Outdoor gardening is very difficult. You have to put a lot of time and energy into that. But nowadays no one has more time. In this situation Aerogarden Harvest is a miracle. You don’t need sunlight, soil, or outside setup. You can grow fresh plants at your home faster only with water and plant food with its LED light system and automatic timer. 


In the end, we can say that Aerogarden Harvest is the perfect indoor gardening tool that saves your time and energy and grows your plants 5X faster with just food. Your plants grow bigger than normal and you can get fresh herbs and veggies in any season. You must have to give this product a try. It is very easy to use and cheap to purchase.

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