Make DIY Cheap Plant Pots At Home

cheap plant pots

Do You boast about having a green thumb? If yes, then you will need several pots for planting. But if you are reluctant to spend too much, you can try making cheap plant pots at home. You can recycle various household items and transform them into a cosy home for plants. Even if you are bad at recycling stuff, here are some ideas that will help you. These ideas will be feasible on the pocket, and you can find most of the products at home.

Striped Terracotta Pots

A vase of flowers sitting on a bed

You do not need a creative mind and a lot of effort to pull it off! This is a very simple ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) project that you can try on Terracotta pots. Initially, the pots can look a little boring, but you can try tying a satin ribbon around them. Use fabric colors to create geometric patterns, construct a minimalistic color choice. It will look beautiful in the corners of your home, as the kitchen countertop and balcony. If you are good at drawing with color brushes, try creating beautiful illustrations on these pots to give them an expensive look.

Mini Flower Garden Pots- Cheap Plant Pots

Do you have a used small bucket at home? Then try decorating it correctly to make mini planters at home. You can use permanent highlighters and markers to create chirpy illustrations on the surface. Also, you can use decorative tapes to bring out vibrant colors. Let your creative mind spike, and you can place them in the corners of your garden.

Stone Tiles Garden Planter

We all have some stone tiles remaining after our house renovation process. Why not stick them altogether to make a small cubicle in which you can plant succulents? The tiles can be large or small, and you can make small rectangular planters for your garden. It will be highly durable, and all you need is 5 square stone tiles. Granite or marble tiles are easy to maintain, and it will look like an expensive accessory!

Hanging Flower Box Planter

If you have a small plastic box lying around, paint them white and fill them with garden soil. Fix them to the railing of your balcony, and plant small shrubs like roses. It will look like a perfect garden accessory with a tinge of uniqueness. Plywood boxes are not expensive, and attaching them to the side of the deck will not take much effort.

Marble Planter- Cheap Plant Pots

Marble plants are costly, and yet you can make it easily at home. You only have to buy marble contact paper and stick them around the inexpensive pots that you have. The marble paper’s patterns will make the entire look luxurious, and you can put it in the corner of the living room.


Apart from all the DIY cheap plant pots you can make at home, you can also try ombre style planter and Herringbone style plant pot. You can even use broken letterboxes to make planters if you have that sort of creativity in your mind. Try finding these recyclable products right away, and you can find a lot of spaces for your plant friends!

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