Modern Plant Pots – A Great Way To Update Your Home

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Modern Plant Pots – The Best Choice For Your Growing Needs! Modern plant pots are the most modern solution to gardening needs. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and color. These pots are easy on the eyes, are durable, water-proof, rust proof, biodegradable and easy to maintain


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Plants that grow in potting medium have the potential to make a useful addition to a bio-degradation system. Biodegradable pots are made from organic materials and they are low-maintenance as well. Biodegradable plants can be easily broken down by the sun. Self-water, water-efficient, durable, drought-resistant and easily compostable, double layers, no need for watering, these pots can keep the plants alive with an extended lifespan.

Easy On The Eyes: 

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With attractive modern designs and great looks, these pots are eye catching too. The usage of these pots does not require any special cleaning or maintenance practices. They are generally devoid of drainage holes, strainer holes or drip trays. The good thing about the absence of drainage holes or drivers is that it does not allow the roots of the plants to get stagnated. Hence they do not require frequent emptying or cleaning.

Easy Drainage: 

With or without drainage holes, these modern plant pots are easily drained. They form no water retaining walls and hence the root systems are allowed to drain freely. There are no issues of roots hanging downwards or accumulating on the sides of the pots. This makes it easy for any given plant to get oxygen. In case of roots overhang, it is possible to easily remove them.

Quick To Maintain: 

The material used in the pots is of very high quality and hence it requires little or no maintenance. The material is resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping and breaking. If they are exposed to sharp objects like forks, the shells can be removed. The wires can also be cut off and pruned. Since the pots do not have drainage holes, the liquid or gaseous leachates from inside do not accumulate on the surface of the pot and hence there is no need of frequent cleaning.

Resistance To Insects:

 Plants that are grown in modern plant pots are normally resistant to most insects. This is because most of the pests do not like to eat plants that are grown in pots. However, certain insects like aphids and lacebugs are more sensitive to the material used in modern pots and so they should be kept under control by using chemical insecticides. Certain fungi, like yeast and mould, which thrive in wet conditions, can also attack and affect the plants if the pots are not kept clean.

Resistance To Heat: 

Pots used in modern gardens are resistant to heat. It can handle temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. This is unlike the pots used in traditional gardening that tend to get destroyed easily in high temperatures. The plastic material used in modern pots also ensures that the plant remains cool even during summer. This reduces the chances of the plant being affected by too much heat.

Ease Of Use: 

As compared to older pots, modern plant pots are easier to use. They are often provided with handles that make them easy to move about. They do not pose any threat to the plants when they are placed in different areas around the house. They also have tight-fitting lids that keep debris out of the water.

Bottom Line

Many online stores sell modern plant pots. They offer a wide array of attractive options to suit your tastes and requirements. You can buy them online at a reasonable price. The best part is that many of these modern plants pots are eco-friendly. So, make sure you are purchasing one from a reputed online store.

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