Pecan Or Java Fern – The Best Indoor Hanging Plants

best indoor hanging plant

A few of the best indoor hanging plant varieties turn out to be excellent air cleaners and also that can have a positive impact on indoor air quality. This article has some important information to help one decide which of the best indoor hanging plant varieties would work best for them.

The Acacia Cactus is one of the best indoor hanging plant varieties one can choose. As with any other variety of acacia, this one grows quite tall, reaching about 16 feet or so. It has grayish green leaves and red fruit that are a bit pungent. The fruit, it turns out, is particularly good when used to make teas or enjoyed as a dessert with berries. It can however withstand high temperatures and is therefore great to place under the herb garden.

The Ivy

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The Ivy is another popular variety for hanging baskets and the best indoor plant likes bright indirect light. In fact, it prefers indirect light better than sunlight, as it prefers darker environments for its growth. The most important thing about this type of plant though is how it responds to different types of soil. Some varieties like rock, sand and loam will work best for this variety while others like clay are not recommended. If an indoor bonsai artist likes to use ivy, he will need to water regularly and take care not to over-winter the plant by watering it too much.

There are a number of other types of plants that thrive well in the houseplants that utilize soil that has volcanic ash or lava rock in it. One such type is the Java Fern. This type of fern grows quite well in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Its foliage and flowers are deciduous, so it will need to be kept indoors during the winter. Java Fern is a fern that will flourish with a rich soil that has a lot of dissolved solids in it.

The Java Fern

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A favorite indoor hanging plant is the Java Fern. It is a spireous vine that grows up to three feet tall and produces a mass of white flowers that bloom for two months. This spurious vine can grow several feet wide and sometimes double its length when it blooms. This plant likes a dark, moist location and can handle being placed in a window that gets a lot of indirect light during the day.

In order to get the best indoor hanging plant, there are a few things to consider. First, the location. This means finding a place that does not get direct sun, but does get good air circulation. If you are considering an area that does not get a lot of sunlight, then you might want to consider growing a vine or a flower vase. Java Ferns can handle being placed in a window facing a window that gets indirect sunlight during the day.


Second, consider what type of foliage you will grow. There are two different types of foliage that are popular for these types of hanging plants. They include those that are true ferns and those that look like peperomia. The difference is just the way the leaves grow and if they have petals or not.

True ferns have very sharp, narrow leaves while peperomias have wider leafs with numerous leaflets on each leaf. Of the best indoor hanging plants, it is hard to pick between the two because they both come in pretty colors.


To choose the right hanging plant for your situation, you have to consider the climate, the location, and the size of your window. If you place a fern in a colder location, you are going to get a more delicate arrangement that is going to need more care. On the other hand, you could place a fern in a hot, sunny spot where you might not have to worry about caring for it as much. If you really like ferns, you can always purchase one in a color that complements your room’s colors.

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