Rubber Plant Care – Indoor Or Outdoors

rubber plant care indoor

Plants need proper rubber plant care indoor or outside if they are going to survive. All plants are not alike and the conditions under which each grows can be very different as well. Some types of plants will thrive in full sun while others may do best in partial shade or on a window sill. Don’t forget about trees and shrubs when deciding which rubber plant care indoor or outdoor is right for you.

An Overview

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The first thing to consider when choosing a rubber plant care indoor or outdoor is what part of the country you live in. Different plants need different amounts of light and temperature. For example, most annuals can do well in almost any climate, except perhaps for winter. This is because some plants, such as the orchid, do better in cold weather. They need to be kept out of the sunlight during the colder months in order to store energy and protect their roots.

Most indoor plants can do fine in any room. However, there are some plants that do much better in bright lights. These include houseplants and trees and shrubs. There are even a few insects that love to eat rubber plant care indoor or outdoor plants such as moths and aphids. Be sure to remove these if you notice them around your plants.

Rubber Plant Care Facts

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When it comes to rubber plant care indoor or outdoor, you should make sure to keep anything sharp, pointy, or jagged out of the way. Cutting branches of rubber trees and shrubs can seriously injure them if they accidentally get caught in between the cutting blade and the branch. Also, do not try to swing a pair of garden shears without careful consideration of how you will hold the tool. Make sure to wear protective eyewear whenever you are gardening. Even though these tools are cheap, it doesn’t hurt to take a little extra time to protect yourself.

Watering is another concern when it comes to rubber plant care indoor or outside. While it is tempting to over-water your plants, this can be very dangerous to your plants. Your plants may even die from excess water. In addition, you may find that some types of plants won’t grow at all if you do not water them often enough.

You should only water your plants when the soil is dry. Too much water can cause your plants to become drown as they struggle to take in water. It also can wash away any of the fertilizer you have used. So make sure to keep your watering to a minimum.

The best time for rubber plant care indoor or outdoors is late afternoon. Avoid touching your plants until late in the evening unless you plan to use a soil fertilizer. This will prevent you from washing away all the fertilizer as well as dust. Take a look at your plants often and pay close attention to their needs. You will soon know when your plants are not receiving enough attention.

Bottom Line

If you wish to keep your plants indoors, it is best to place them in a room with a fairly cool inside temperature. You should move your plants around to ensure that they receive the moisture and air that they need. The best thing about indoor plants is that you can usually prune your plants at any time. In fact, this is the best time to cut back any foliage that you don’t need. You may even consider pruning your plants during cold winter months when it is not cold outside, but the air is very cold indoors.

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