Some Great Indoor Gardening Hacks

indoor gardening hacks

Indoor gardening can be very rewarding, but it also requires a great deal of knowledge and practice. It is easy to get discouraged if the plants start turning out to be poor performers. The best solution is to implement some useful indoor gardening hacks to boost your success. By considering these tips, you will have no problem getting what you want from your indoor garden!

One of the first things to remember is that, in general, plants thrive better in partial shade than full sun. It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised at how many gardeners don’t consider this. For example, some plants, such as marigolds, need lots of sunlight to grow properly. On the other hand, other plants, like spinach, don’t do well when planted too close together. So, you need to think carefully about where you plant your plants to avoid problems later on. If you aren’t sure about the effects of planting certain plants next to each other, try looking up information online.

Use Small Pots In Garden

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Many people prefer to use small pots in their gardens, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t use larger ones. The difference is that the smaller pots allow for greater air circulation, which will prevent soil from drying out. These small pots are also ideal for growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers since they are easier to maintain. The only thing you need to remember with larger pots is that they can take more frequent watering because of the higher water content.

Never Fertilize Your Soil Before It Is Ready To Be Planted

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A good rule of thumb is never to fertilize your soil before it is ready to be planted. As soon as the seeds have sprouted, it is time to give them a healthy fertilizer dose to help them grow properly. Also, make sure that the fertilizer has been applied before you plant any of your seeds since many fertilizers may attract insects, causing further damage to the plant. It is a good idea to let your plants stay in your house for a few days before moving them outside to acclimatize to their environment.

Most people assume that the best way to keep their plants alive and thriving is to give them plenty of water. However, this isn’t always the case. Instead, by putting a sprinkler on top of the plants, you can make it easier to get the moisture that the plants need since the soil will be moist enough to water without dripping off.

Keeping Your Soil From Draining Out Of Garden

One of the most useful indoor gardening hacks that don’t involve a lot of work is to fill your drainage holes with the newspaper. This will help to trap rainwater and keep soil from draining out of your garden, thus preventing the growth of mold and mildew. The newspapers can also act as a barrier between the ground and the plants, preventing roots from sticking out. This will prevent the roots from being damaged if they do end up getting trapped underneath the soil. Another useful trick is to use a net to keep plants from being blown away during wind storms.

Although you may think of it, you don’t need to water your plants every day. It may seem counterproductive to keep watering your plants every day, but actually, the less you water them, the faster they will grow and be healthier. The main purpose of this is to stop roots from becoming dry and rotting, leading to root rot and other problems. Watering your plants once or twice a week is sufficient, but more often is even better.

Final Words

One of the biggest mistakes made by many gardeners is that they don’t pay attention to the fact that plants that are not watered often have a much slower growth rate than regularly watered ones. This is especially true for herbs. Just be sure to read up on your particular plants’ recommended watering times before you plant your seeds.

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