Some Of The Most Popular House Plants

most popular house plants

Indoor plants continue to make waves in the world of gardening today. In many ways, this is true for any plant, but with indoor growing, it seems as if plants have taken a turn for the better. Indoor gardens are not just a trend anymore. In fact, they have actually become quite popular.

Two Main Categories

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Houseplants may be divided into two main categories: those that we see and use every day, and those that we rarely, if ever, see but that are very useful to have around. In most cases, the plants that are most popular house plants are those that we can see and use right away. Leaves of these types of plants give out a fresh, crisp smell, reminding one of fresh bread or of cooking. If you have ever smelled an herb garden, then you know how fresh these scents can be, even days after the plant has been harvested.

One plant that is both useful and well-known throughout the world is Philodendron. Long-stemmed, this plant can be found in nearly any country on earth. The flowers are usually bright red, with petals that range from deep purple to a nice, powdery white color. The center of the flower has a singular spine, which is actually the stem of the plant. The leaves, which range from yellow to dark green in color, also feature a very unique spike or growth that resembles the stems of grass.

Varieties Of Plants

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Popular questions about popular plants include which varieties of plants do better in sunny weather, as well as what are the best growing periods. For instance, many gardeners wonder whether the Philodendron genus should be planted during the summer months or not. The answer varies according to whether the plant is actually a climber or only grows on trees. Certain kinds of Philodendrons such as the Iris, Pansy, Ascocenda, Mimulus, Pterocarpus, Paphiopedilum, and Ficus are primarily summer flowers, while others such as the Cymbidium or the Philodendron acuts are primarily the plants that grow in the cooler spring weather.

One of the most famous houseplants, the lilac, is one that can be found in almost any region of the world. Some types of this flower, such as the lilac, lemon, and blue varieties, are normally grown in southern states such as South Carolina. A few plants, such as the Philodendron species, are indigenous to tropical and subtropical areas of the Americas.

Amount Of Moisture

Plants need to be watered often, as they require a certain amount of moisture for growth. Careful attention should be taken to the type of climate where you live, as some varieties of these plants do not do well under drought conditions. These should also be watered frequently, but not completely dried out. When caring for these types of plants, it is important to remember that they should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as they will greatly reduce their lifespan. For these reasons, they should be placed in an area of the yard that gets indirect sunlight and is not exposed to direct sun rays for prolonged periods of time.

Bottom Line

Last but not least is the beautiful and exotic Calapha tree. One of the most popular of these tropical plants is the Rubber Plant or Calapha. It is very easy to care for and can survive even with minimal water. Its pretty leaves add to its beauty, but the fact that it grows with very little effort is what makes it so popular. The tropical leaves of the Calapha tree range in color from green to dark green, which is what gives it its name.

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