The Different Types of Plant Pots

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The versatile garden landscape containers have been used for many years, and now people are using them for plants. Plants can be started in pots and left to grow into a full garden when the plants are ready.

Perfect for planting small flowering plants, trailing herbs, tropical plants, deciduous shrubs, vines, and more, the two-color varieties are grey and beige that will complement almost any garden theme. With both pot heights (either round or square shape) at 40cm and 56cm, they will look beautiful on their own or added to an existing garden.

Using Pots For House Growing Plants 

A vase of flowers sits in front of a window

Pots can be used to house growing plants. There is nothing like being able to see your growing herbs, flowers, or even vegetables right from your home. To keep your plants healthy and looking beautiful, you should water them regularly and add fertilizer.

Using pots with drainage is a great idea to ensure your plants do not get damaged by heavy rains. If you live somewhere with a lot of rain, you should ensure that your plants have some form of drainage.

The grey pots that you can purchase from a gardening store are made to look like rocks. They may look natural, but they are not and will need a little bit of maintenance. For the most part, the plants will look fine if you water them only once or twice a week.

Do Not Water Your Plants Too Often

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To make your plants look good and keep them from drying out, do not water your plants too often. If they are overwatered, they will be unable to hold themselves up and will become wilted.

When you choose the type of plant pots that you will use for your plants, make sure that the pot is deep enough for the plant to grow in comfortably. If it is too shallow, they will have no room to breathe, and the roots will not grow out properly.

Grey pots are also ideal for those who like to have a small garden and have smaller plants that do not require too much care. If you start, then a small container filled with gravel and pebbles will give you plenty of room to grow your herbs or beautiful flowers.

Using Traditional Pots

Some people will choose to grow herbs or flowering plants in grey pots rather than the more traditional colored ones, but many gardeners prefer the traditional pots as they are more attractive and will look stunning. This article has given you some useful information about the differences between the two types of pots.

Some gardeners choose to have the same size of pots for each type of garden plant, and for that reason, it may look better to choose a round-shaped pot rather than a square one. They are also easier to keep clean so that the roots do not dry out.

Make sure that you have drainage holes in the bottom of your pots. This is especially important if you will have the plant pots placed in containers, as it will help keep the soil moist.

You should also be careful to make sure that no leaves are sticking out of the pots, which could damage the plants. You will find that plants that are exposed to water in the soil will have leafy roots.

Final Words

Grey pots will be the easiest to keep clean of all the dirt and debris left behind after washing. Make sure that you have a solution such as water and vinegar handy to wash off this. If there are leaves and dirt in the pots, you may have to make repeated visits to remove them, and you do not want them to be hard to remove.

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