11 Plastic Plant Pots Unique Ideas Will Surely Blow Your Mind

Plastic Plant Pots

Are you in search of beautiful designs and ideas of making plastic plant pots? Then you are on the right path! As we all know, plants always add an elegant touch to any ambiance and beautify and enhance interior home decor designing.

Moreover, the plants in the stylish plastic pots not only add greenery in your surrounding but purifies your nearby atmosphere and give an elegant touch to every possible corner of your sweet home.

When you are searching unique pots for your flowers, some designer plastic pot ideas here will fulfill this wish. Hence, there’s no need to make your presence to the stores and gives a hefty price for these plastic pots.

With a slight touch of patience and creativity, you can give birth to extraordinary pots that will turn your ordinary plastic bottles into stunning pots. Not only will these pots add charm but will bring a smile on people’s faces.

Here are some incredible ways by which you can make beautiful plastic plant pots with the help of some usual plastic bottles.

It’s time to stuff your balcony with some ultimate greenery and give it a twist of a flourishing balcony garden. So, hope onto the best DIY pots.

1. Colorful Yarns

Unique Plastic Plant Pots
Unique Plastic Plant Pots

You can make a flowerpot out of an empty plastic bottle and cover it with different yarns’ shades.

2. A Hanging Pot

You can recycle your shampoo or lotion bottle into something spectacular. You can make such bottles turn into a wonderful flowerpot.

3. A Bunny Plus A Bear

People who love drawing will love this idea of making a bear and a bunny out of a plastic bottle.

4. Decoupage Style Plastic Pots

When you want to indulge yourself in extra creativity, try this DIY on plastic pots. These are some stunning DIY hanging plastic pots that you can make from regular bottles. These pots contribute to our nature by reusing plastic waste and having a beautiful makeover in plastic plant pot designs.

5. A Vertical Garden

Unique Plastic Plant Pots
Unique Plastic Plant Pots

When an experiment is all you want to do with your plastic bottles. Then make a vertical garden out of these ordinary plastic bottles, and your cool garden is all set to amaze everyone.

6. A Chia Pet

Your darling munchkins are going to love this DIY. Make cute and funny plastic pots in the form of Chia pet.

7. A Piglet Planter

These amazing piglet planter pots will make your garden and house both look gorgeous.

8. Hanging Planters

Do you feel you can use only the plastic bottle’s bottom? Well, to make exquisite plastic plant pots, you can even use the top part of a bottle and, with the help of some threads and hole, make a mind-blowing hanging plastic pot.

9. Ancient Design Pots

Ancient design pots are the product made from CDs and plastic bottles. Such innovative design helps in creating authentic Ancient Greece ambiance in your sweet home.  

10. Funny Planters for Kids

With the help of old plastic containers and bottles, you can shape these new pals for your munchkins. You can give different cartoon shapes to plastic pots such as angry birds, maniacs, pig, doll, and more.

11. Shoe Turns Pot

Unique Plastic Plant Pots
Unique Plastic Plant Pots

Yes, you heard it right! Make your plastic shoes turn into a beautiful pot that will grab every guest’s eyeballs and add chic styling to your home decor.


We hope that these wonderful designs of plastic plant pots will highly touch the creativity mark. Please do not waste your plastic bottles, containers, or materials from now and turn them into magical artwork.

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