Types Of Low Light Plants For Your Interior Decor

low light plants

Low light plants require very little light to thrive, and they are best if you live in an apartment where the natural light is not so good. Plants really change and enhance the whole vibe of a place. They not only look aesthetically pleasing but also add serenity to the room. Low light plants can be placed anywhere without worrying about where the light would be best. There are many types of low light plants from which you can choose any:


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Pothos is a very beautiful plant, and it can reach up to a maximum height of 10 feet. You just have to water it once a week, and it will be good. 

Snake Plant

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Snake plant is a very popular low light plant among households. They are also resistant to drought, which means they can survive without being watered. They will not wilt. Snake plants have beautiful prints on their leaves which makes them even lovelier. 

Cast Iron Plant

You must have seen cast iron plants in many houses these days. These plants grow very slowly, and they turn into lush green plants very beautifully. 

Rubber Plant

Although rubber plants consume a lot of space to grow, you can choose baby rubber plants that can grow well in small spaces. They can easily grow in low to medium light areas. 

Maintenance Of Low Light Plants

The first tip for maintaining low light plants is finding the right size container for your plant to grow well. 

Another tip is to use good quality soil for your plants. You can look out for nurseries that sell well-aerated soil. 

Know the watering needs of your plant. Overwatering, as well as under-watering them, is equally harmful. If your plant is looking dehydrated, then water it well. 

Keep the leaves clean and trim the dead ends of the plant. It will encourage the growth of new and fresh leaves. 

If possible, try to use pest control on your plants. It can avoid unnecessary growth of weeds and pests in them, and since you are keeping them inside, you can also protect them from spreading wastage around your house. 


Low light plants are undoubtedly the best for keeping indoors. They have very few requirements, and they will last long. If you want to purchase some low light plants for your house, you can definitely consider the above options. You should, however, do proper research before investing in good indoor plants

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